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Flooring Selections by Room

by Jennifer Weldon

Flooring is usually the feature people notice first when entering a room. Different flooring materials can exude different atmospheres and can complement or detract for a room's décor. When remodeling any room of your home, you should carefully choose the flooring selection to enhance the look of the room and its use.

Different rooms may require different flooring materials, and some selections will simply look better in one room over another. You should examine each room individually to determine the best flooring choice before undertaking any remodeling work. Not all rooms are created equal, nor are all flooring types.


The main considerations when choosing a bathroom flooring material should be its water resistance, ease of clean-up, and beauty. For these reasons ceramic or stone tiles are quite common in bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is a cost efficient alternative that will provide the same benefits. If you have a small bathroom that you are remodeling, it may be worth it to spring for the ceramic tile as it won't be a huge expense. Also consider where the bathroom is located in the house and who will be seeing it and using it.


Kitchen flooring also needs be easy to clean, durable and provide some level of water resistance. Kitchens can get the most traffic in a home. Ceramic tile is a good choice, but hardwood and laminate flooring are rising in popularity in higher priced homes. Since there is some concern with water damage in a kitchen, be sure to choose a durable hardwood with a thick polyurethane finish. A laminate floor that mimics wood may be the best choice as it is more water resistant than hardwoods.


Bedrooms typically only have traffic from their owners. When choosing a bedroom floor you should consider your own comfort and the room's décor. Do you like the soft, plush feel of carpeting? Or would you prefer hardwoods with some well placed area rugs? Different flooring may be laid depending on if it's an adult's room or a child's room.

Living/Family Rooms

When choosing a floor for your living and family room you should look at your lifestyle when deciding between carpet, hardwoods, or laminate flooring. Do you use this room primarily for family or for entertaining guests? Do you have pets that stay in this room a lot? What about the proximity to the kitchen, foyer, and other areas of the home? You may want to continue flooring you have placed in these rooms for a continuous flow and a more open look.


People are often stumped when it comes to choosing flooring for their basement. Typically basements can house a game room, home office or additional bedroom. Many people think they should choose carpeting to keep costs down, but moisture should be a consideration in any basement. A great solution is to utilize the concrete as flooring. Concrete can be painted, sealed, or stained to create many different looks. It is also cost effective as concrete will need to be laid in a basement regardless. A professional contractor can show you the latest concrete technologies on the market today.

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