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Restoring Your Floors

by Kim Kinrade

The floors in your home take a beating on a daily basis. Between feet, shoes, pets, toys and the occasional spill or accident, your normal routines wear and tear your floors. Add to the mix any accidents where rips, chips and scuffs occur and you have a recipe for a floor that needs some restoration to bring it back to its original state. A professional contractor experienced in flooring restoration can bring your flooring back into good condition. For different flooring materials, different techniques are used.

Carpet Restoration

Carpets tend to show dirt, wear and tear the most, particularly in areas where traffic flows. A dirty carpet can smell and detracts from the value and look of your entire home. Carpets not only need to be vacuumed regularly, but they need professional cleaning annually as well. Just because your carpet doesn’t appear dingy with visible dirt does not mean there isn’t any. When you wait until you can see the dirt on your carpet to have it cleaned, the damage may already be more than a cleaning can fix. In this case, the dirt may be ground into the fibers of the carpet and even the padding and subfloor below the carpeting. A professional cleaning company uses special chemicals and hot water to safely remove dirt and soil from your carpet. They are relatively inexpensive and charge by the room. Once they are done, you will have to wait for the carpets to dry thoroughly before walking on them. You may have carpet restoration needs that go beyond normal dirt and grime.


If you have had a major disaster that involves water, fire, or smoke destruction, it needs immediate attention. This damage can become permanent within 2 days. A professional contractor can repair the carpeting and eliminate any odor. If the subfloor is wet they can dry that too.


If you have a stain or even a small tear it is possible to repair just that area without replacing the entire carpet. A professional contractor can replace a small swatch of the damaged area so you won’t even know it was damaged.


Another option before you replace your rugs due to wear and tear or fading is to have them professional dyed. This can bring uniform color back to the entire carpet.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Restoring your hardwood floors is necessary when the finish becomes dull and small scratches are visible. Hardwood floors can be scuffed and buffed to achieve their original luster. A professional hardware flooring restorer can scuff the very top of the floors without creating a huge mess. A new coat of polyurethane is then applied. For a thorough finish – allow 2-3 days for the floors to completely dry before walking on them. The cost of scuffing and buffing is approximately $1 a square foot and a great alternative for light damage to hardwood flooring.


If your hardwood floors have greater wear and tear, deep gouges, or are worn to the wood, then you will need to sand and refinish the entire floor. If you drop some water on the hardwood and the floor soaks it up, then it is time for refinishing. You will need to section off the areas of your home where work is being done because the dust created will be great and can travel through the entire home. A professional contractor will sand down the hardwoods, stain them, and finish them with polyurethane. It will take several days of drying between each step. The hardwood planks need to be at least ¾” to 7/8” thick for sanding to be viable. If they are not that thick you will have to replace the boards.


Replacing hardwood planks may be needed if a board cracks or incurs serious damage. A professional can often replace a single board or several boards that are damaged without affecting the entire floor.


A professional contractor can make repairs to boards to remove spots, stains, scratches or chips to prevent you from having to perform work on the entire room.

Other Floor Restoration: If your flooring is something other than carpeting or hardwoods, a professional contractor can restore those floors as well.

Stone Floors:

Stone or natural floors such as granite, marble, slate or travertine may need to be restored when their original finish loses its shine. By applying a polish or sealant once a year, your can keep these stones looking their best. For any scratches, chips, or cracks, a professional contractor can perform repairs by grinding them out.

Ceramic Tile: Ceramic Tile can also incur chips or cracks. A professional contractor can repair these as well, or possibly replace the individual tile.


Vinyl flooring can curl, discolor or fade. It can even suffer from a wax build up. To restore vinyl flooring stripping and resealing may be needed.

Area Rugs: Areas rugs, even handmade oriental rugs can be restored. Professional contractors experienced in this type of restoration should be used.

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